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Friday, September 12, 2014

In Loving Memory of our mother

Faith McDonald
February 4, 1912 - 
September 12, 2000
Barbara, Richard and Mother

I will not see you here again,
But you will see me there,
On that glorious morning when
We will meet Him in the air.

When we will hear the 
trumpet sound
And then a mighty shout,
As Jesus comes from 
heaven down
To call His people out.

For then the living and 
the dead
Asleep in Christ will be,
In a moment changed instead
To immortality.

Then all the saints of 
ages past
Will rise in one accord,
And we will follow them,
at last
Together in the Lord.

Remembering you today, mother, 
and knowing you are face to face
with our Lord Jesus Christ.
Your loving Family

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Richard McDonald

Life in Bukavu

Richard's Banking Experience

From time to time when emergencies arise on the field and there is not enough time to make a funds transfer, we rely upon a special friend to provide a quick loan. On June 2 Richard found himself in such a situation. Unpleasant as it is to ask for help, this occasion seems ordained by the Lord as it resulted in an unexpected encounter.

Richard writes, Today I saw Richard Lugano who opened the Internet Cafe  in town to see if he could loan us some funds to cover our emergency.

(Photo to right: Richard sharing the Good News with acquaintance he met at Cafe. We cannot share his name or show his face as it would be too dangerous for him so Richard Lugano is substitute.)

While I waited for Richard to return the Lord gave me something to do. A man came into Richard's Centre Informatic and shook hands saying he remembered me from the American Consulate / Cultural Center back in the 1980s. He shared that in those days he had been a photographer and operated a small film development studio. As we talked about  Bukavu history, I asked him if he was a Christian believer. He said, "No, I keep falling into sin."

So we discussed how the Lord opened the way for the "Idea" of Radio Kahuzi, when the Lord used my torn retina problems and a helicopter flight to the mountain hospital, where the President of Far East Broadcasting Association was staying overnight. This CEO shared that he had decided not to open a radio station in Congo, but shared the possibilities of international broadcasting.

I shared with my photographer friend how I met with the Provincial Governor the very next day before leaving for the States because of severe medical complications with my earlier eye surgery, and how I asked him for permission to use an abandoned radio studio to begin a Christian radio network. He remembered the Governor.

I also shared that the Governor had received Christ as his Savior only weeks before coming to Bukavu to become our Governor, and his Administrative Assistant, Mr Yumba, had been saved only three months before. He could understand how the Lord was working behind the scenes to use each of them and us to prepare the "Way" for the radio network to be born.

Richard meets with Prime Minister
Then I shared that several years later we met with President Mobutu and the Director of his Office, who pointed out in two meetings that it was impossible, as the Constitution of Zaire did not provide for other radios, as the OZRT or RTNC had a monopoly on public broadcasting.

Being a photo journalist, he was keenly interested that President Mobutu asked for our statutes and promised to see what could be done to help Believers Express Service Inc, with this project.

Richard worked 3 yrs on BESI statutes

He listened with understanding when we showed how all of this was "so impossible to hope for," but a year later the President decided to end the "One-Party-State" and to allow multi-party elections. And, two days later President Mobutu signed a Presidential Decree recognizing the American BESI as a Congolese Association so it could pursue its projects to development, thus birthing Radio Kahuzi as a National Network of Radio Broacasting and opening the nation to other radios and TV stations and freedom of the press.

As I shared that we could not take anything with us when we die, not a shirt, telephone, house, car, etc., but as Christian Believers, Richard Lugano and I were laying up treasures in Heaven, and when we died, the Lord would give special responsibilities to those who served him here below, he seemed to reflect and lowered his head.

At that point he asked me to pray for him; and as we continued, he repeated it. So, when I saw his head was bowed, I asked if he wanted me to lead him in prayer to receive Christ Jesus as his Savior. He said, "Yes." So I prayed and he repeated each sentence exactly. We included phrases to help explain exactly what this meant.

Afterward we shared II Cor. 5:21 with him and wrote down a diagram of what the verse describes and asked him to prayerfully study this tonight and see if he understands his Position In Christ after a few days.

We Praise the Lord there was a reason for me to wait for Richard. It was "A Different Kind of Banking."

Two More Precious Souls

Again, on June 10 I had the joy of leading another man in prayer of salvation in front of the shop. He came across the street and asked for a Galcom radio when he saw me getting ready to drive away. I shared II Cor 5: 21 with him in a diagram on the hood of the car after he shared that he thought God would take him when he died because God gave him life in the first place and that made him a child of God.

I shared that it is necessary to receive Jesus Christ as Savior because God sent Him to become a man to receive our sins on the cross and make it possible for any man to receive His Righteousness by Faith through the cross.

A man asked us to move my car so he could get out onto the road, so he quickly prayed the sinners prayer with me and I gave him the diagram of II Cor 5:21 to study. He said he will cherish it and study the verse in his Bible.

At home later the same day, a Radio Club President came to ask for a Bible, and I had the privileged of sharing the same verse in diagram in the cover of his new Bible and read together in Swahili, II Cor 5: 21, and after he prayed the sinners prayer and read the verse in Swahili, he said he would share all this with his children and his wife at home.

"For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him." II Cor. 5:21.

I had him write his name in the diagram in the cover of his Bible to confirm and keep for future reference with "June 11, 2014" by his name.

In His Service, Rich and Kathy 

                                    "My table is full, but my fields are empty,
                                      who will go and work for Him Today!"

Sunday, June 8, 2014

In Loving Memory 

of Phyllis Schoonover

Home With the Lord 
May 28, 2014

Kathy Remembers Auntie Phyllis

Auntie Phyllis, sometimes folks ask why we have so many Uncles and Aunties, and the reason is, that “us missionary kids” usually lived on the Mission Field, far away from family, and the Missionaries became our family. Auntie Phyllis was one of my loving “Aunties.”

She is so dear to all of us and made such an influence in all our lives! 

I remember meeting her for the first time. She and her husband, Uncle Wayne and children, Mark, Wayne, and Jill had several of us missionary families over for lunch, I was seven, and I remember the beautiful glasses on the table. I thought they were too special to touch!   

Then, my Daddy, Fred Bahler, and his usual mischievousness, took one of the glasses, and started rubbing the top, and such beautiful sounds started coming from that glass. Pretty soon, everyone was rubbing the glasses, and having such a great time. Sure broke the ice. Thus, started a long journey of friendship and ministry through the years!

Through the years, we had many laughs, cries, discouragements, blessings and grand experiences that only one has in missionary life. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. Our lives are rich beyond imagination.

Many, many memories of Auntie Phyllis: She always encouraged us and gave advice when needed! I learned how to not take too much on my plate, remembering that there were others in the line behind me! She gave me lessons in fractions, when my Mom got frustrated with me! That was at Kumbya, at Independence time and our Mom’s were trying to keep the schooling going, even if we were refugees in an evacuation--vacation land of swimming, hiking and boating. 

When we all came back from the Congo in 1960, because of the troubles, we had the privilege of having Uncle Wayne as our pastor in Derbe, Colorado. Wonderful times of growing in the Word and making lots of American friends.

Then, Grace Bible College came, and Richard and I were married by Uncle Wayne and a whole new life started with Richard and me going to the mission field, because of Uncle Wayne and Auntie Phyllis’s testimony and their personal challenge to become missionaries to the Congo, formerly Zaire.

Richard Remembers

I met Wayne before I met Phyllis in 1970, when he spoke at GBC of how it was when he was a college student and some of the pranks they played; then he challenged me that teaching in Kenya in English would be great, but had I considered being a teacher of Grace pastors in the Congo where he and Phyllis were missionaries. Later his son Wayne, Jr., played a prank on me and Kathy–attacking us as we returned from a symphony concert / orchestra, and washing Kathy’s face in the snow. When I told him to get his own date with her instead of ruining my only date with Kathy, young Wayne let it be known that I had a crush on Kathy.   
Later, Uncle Wayne was the Pastor who married Kathy and me, and helped us join them in the Congo in 1975. 

In 1985 as head of GMI, Wayne encouraged us to establish BESI and later he and Phyllis encouraged us with Radio Kahuzi and helped us find Board members for BESI at the GGF Convention in 1988. Later, Phyllis encouraged Uncle Wayne to also become an active BESI Board member.

All through the years Auntie Phyllis and Uncle Wayne have Fortified our Work in the Lord by Praying, Giving, Counseling, Giving, and Intervening, to Help us Keep On Keeping ON!! 

Praise the Lord for their Lives and Ministry to us and through us.

Harold and Barbara Smith met Phyllis and Wayne 
at a GGF Convention in the 90s

Monday, May 12, 2014

A Missionary Journey into the  High Plateau of 

Fizi and Maniema jungle basin... out for the crocks and hypos!

Washing clothes in crock infested waters
Pastor Gregoir, one of four Radio Kahuzi journalists, made a 500 Km missionary journey through most of Fizi Territory, then into part of Maniema Province in 2013. Including the return trip, he traveled well over 1,000 Km.
Coming from the "Highways and Hedges"children 
and adults listen to Pastor Gregoir share the Gospel
Pastor Gregoir prayed and held meetings with tribal leaders who were in conflict over tribal boundaries and gold mining rights, etc..

Tribal Reconciliation Meetings

They had many meetings that led to reconciliation between Chiefs (Mwami-Kings), and their different tribes so they will now work together and develop their common ancestral territories in peace. Pastor Gregoir was encouraged by the leaders to pray and preach as he went among the villages.
National Park Rangers pose with Pastor Gregoir as he passed through the National Park and shared the Gospel and Words of Grace with the Park Rangers including many faithful listeners of Radio Kahuzi who recognized his voice and messages from the radio broadcasts.
He also sought out Hutu refugees in the market places and shared tracts in different languages. When they chose KinyaRwandan tracts he knew they were of Rwandan origin, and was able to set up meetings where special films would be presented with the same message we broadcast to help inform and persuade the Hutus that it is now safe, to return home to Rwanda in peace.
You may notice some Hutu don't want to have their picture taken as they are afraid of being forced to return to Rwanda. They have been in Congo since 1994 with a new generation being born, and have no idea as to the consequences, good or bad.

Hearing about reconciliation with God 
and man and for the first time
The MONUSCO Commander was surprised that many of them stated that they listened to our messages over Radio Kahuzi but not through other radios, because they love and trust Radio Kahuzi.

"I will make you fishers of men."
Gregoir shared the Gospel while he taught the children how to fish with a hook and line.

We trust this will give you a small idea of what happens 500 miles from Bukavu as each day our shortwave transmitter broadcasts the Good News in various languages to second generation Hutu rebel families just as the old hymn reminds us, “Whosoever will, whosoever will,”Send the proclamation over vale and hill; ’Tis a loving Father, calls the wanderer home: “Whosoever will, may come.”

Keep Looking Up!
Richard and Kathy McDonald

Phase I nears completion of first and second floor exterior broadcast sound studios.
P.S. Slow but steady progress is happening on the new Radio Kahuzi studio. The workers are preparing to pour the cement roof on the second floor. We will need about $5,000 to complete the interior and sound proof acoustics to begin day to day broadcasting of the Gospel at our new location, (which will be rent-free) just a block away from our current studio in Bukavu.
Danny, Pastor Gregoir, Kathy, Rich Feza, Samuel
Our goal is to have Phase I completed by this August, so that the McDonalds can begin vacating the current property and make the move to expand the ministry into Rwanda and the African Great Lakes. Your prayers and assistance will be greatly appreciated. Pray for a smooth transition while continuing to maintain our daily operation of Radio Kahuzi in Bukavu by our competent, well-trained staff. The photo above represents almost 91 years of combined wartime radio broadcasting experience.

We are also excited about our newest radio partner...The Moody Church with Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer’s daily 15-minute program, “Running to Win”. You can check out their programming at    "Running to Win"

God bless you as you continue partnering with BESI and Radio Kahuzi. 
May He multiply the fruit of our labor together in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

                                 Richard in 5th grade

Happy Birthday, Rich, (5/2) 
Sure hope you and Kathy can take a well-deserved break from your 22 years of broadcasting to look back over your 70 years lived so well! 

What an adventure!

A long way off from our growing up years in Grampian, PA. Who could have guessed that our little brother would go so far around the world...42 years of service in Congo! Congrats! and many more.

With all our love and more prayers,

Barb and Smitty       Sounds of Radio Kahuzi 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Madame Bibiane Makonga Kalangwa

Madame Bibiane Makonga Kalangwa, née Bibiane Makonga Maloba est née à Kamina le 15 Mai 1973 s’est convertis au Seigneur Jésus, en 1999, après avoir suivi les témoignages de la dévotion au Seigneur, de celui qui sera son beau-père après une année, le Rév. Enock Paul Mutangi.

Mariée en 2000 à Monsieur Dieudonné Kalangwa, fils du Rév. Enock Paul Mutangi, Madame Bibiane, comme par grâce du Seigneur s’est donnée aussi, aux côtés de son mari dans l’oeuvre du Seigneur, en étant Lead dans la Chorale de l’église de grâce au Congo/Kinshasa.
Elle, au début aimait chanter en duo avec son mari, après avoir témoigné de la grandeur et de l’amour du Seigneur dans sa vie

Trop tôt, elle a pensé qu’il serait souhaitable que ces enfant aussi puissent contribuer à l’oeuvre du Seigneur, c’est ainsi qu’elle va commencer à mettre ses enfants encore tous petits au-devant de la scène dans les activités dominicales

Cette application de Josué 24 :15 va porter des fruits, car, depuis plus de cinq ans ses enfants représentent l’école de dimanche dans le culte dominical en récitant 7 à dix versets mémorisés et après quoi, ils chantent un cantique soit vocal ou soit en playback.
Avec cette intervention dans chaque culte dominical, l’absence de l’un de ces enfants est vite remarquée par toute l’église.

Depuis une année, leur petite soeur Kathleen Ngoie les a rejoints, ils chantent maintenant à quatre.

Madame Bibiane, non seulement elle a eu de l’assiduité pour l’encadrement dans l’école de dimanche, mais elle soutenait aussi son mari dans son apostolat comme Ancien de l’église.

Ces différentes participations dans les activités de la Paroisse sont mémorables et sont gravées dans la mémoire de beaucoup de saints.

Tel ce Dimanche, après un mois de naissance de Kathleen, le Représentant Légal a été content de dédié la petite fille au Seigneur pour qu’elle puisse rejoindre, dans l’avenir, ses grands frères et soeurs dans l’animation de l’école de dimanche.

Se souvenant des déclarations de son Beau-père qui lui parlait de Actes 20 :20, Madame Bibiane Makonga s’est montrée dévouée dans les visites chez les membres de sa paroisse à tel enseigne qu’elle a été choisie par les mamans de sa paroisse pour être parmi la délégation de celles qui doivent représenter l’église au niveau des assises de la ville-province de Kinshasa

 C’est donc une femme qui n’a pas honte de témoigner son Seigneur Jésus-Christ, partout où elle se trouve. Parler de la Puissance de la croix de Golgotha est pour elle un prestige qu’elle ne veut jamais manquer.

Les bons et mauvais souvenirs dans l’accomplissement de l’oeuvre du Seigneur sont pour elle un sujet pour lesquels elle trouve une occasion de louer son Dieu.

Elle dit souvent à l’assemblée qu’elle bénit le Seigneur qui donne le Vouloir et le faire, Lui qui quand IL donne une vision, il donne toujours la provision, ce sont ses phrases pour encourager les serviteurs
du Seigneur dans la propagation de l’Evangile et l’implantation des églises, car la ville de Kinshasa, à elle seule a 24 communes et pour elle, elle rêve toujours que les Eglises de Grâce au Congo aient au-moins une église dans chaque Commune.

C’est une dame qui encourage l’union et l’unité même au niveau familial, comme encourageant ici la femme du petit-frère de son mari à pouvoir chanter aussi pour Le Seigneur et témoigner de sa Grandeur et sa Grâce partout sans vergogne.

Pendant qu’elle pensait à concevoir avec son mari un projet pouvant aider socialement l’église sur le plan social et sur le plan de soutient des personnes vulnérables, voici qu’une maladie va la frapper.
Elle était jusque-là forte, aidant même son mari, comme Secrétaire dans la rédaction et saisie dans le domaine des Médias et Radiodiffusion, mais la Maladie du Cancer de sein va l’atteindre, une dure situation, une lourde charge et une impasse financière surtout dans les pays du tiers monde ou le revenu est trop faible.

Le Seigneur a permis que malgré le coût élevé des soins, Madame Makonga puisse être soumise au

Ce dur traitement sur le plan financier a aussi ses effets secondaires, perte des cheveux, perte de la teinture, perte des ongles,…, malgré tout cela, Le Seigneur a suscité des personnes qui d’une manière ou d’une autre nous ont soutenus dans cette dure épreuve. Tous ont été encadré par la Famille Richard
& Kathleen McDonald quenous ne saurons pas comment leur dire merci, seul Le Seigneur qui produit en nous cette bonté et cette compassion les récompensera à juste titre.

Les efforts fournis durant les traitements qui jusque-là ont déjà fait plus de huit (8) mois, sans jamais se lasser, nous vont droit au coeur et comme le dit Philémon verset 7-9, ces actes ont tranquillisé les coeurs de beaucoup de saint

L’encadrement, les dettes et autres moyens qu’a enduré la Famille Richard & Kathleen McDonald pour aider à garder en vie l’âme de Madame Bibiane Makonga est une solution qui vient du Seigneur et nous prions au Seigneur pour que cette famille puisse être secouru par d’autres qui croient au Seigneur Jésus Christ, qui ont ce sens de la Compassion pour que les soins

CHIMIOTHERAPIQUES et la suite des soins pour cette maladie de Cancer de sein puisse aller à bon port.

Nous glorifions Le Seigneur qui guide aussi les Médecins pour qu’ils puissent bien doser la cure et avoir le courage de supporter les soins chaque fois pendant plus de trois heures par jour/ par séance.
Merci au Seigneur pour cette évolution MIRACULEUSE des résultats des Echographies mammaires, au fur et à mesure de l’évolution des soins, Le Seigneur nous répond avec des clichés des échographies qui émerveillent les médecins qui trouvent en cela la MAIN du Seigneur.

Le Seigneur a donné de l’ESPOIR à un couple qui était vraiment accablé, Le Seigneur a remis le sourire là où il y avait l’ombre de la mort.

Psaumes 23 nous le promet et le couple Dieudonné et Bibiane Kalangwa est en train de le vivre.
Honneur, Grâce, Louange et Gloire soient données à notre Seigneur et Sauveur qui touche les coeurs pour cette cause!

Famille Dieudonné & Bibianne Kalangwa Deux ans avant la maladie Psaumes 121